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13 Ways to Wow Your Guests with Interior Designers in Gurgaon

Satisfaction with interior design really goes a long way. It's one thing to be able to step foot in your space and enjoy the style that represents and suits you. Interior designers in gurgaon It's another to feel that appreciation from your guests. Being able to evoke comfort, curiosity, and distinction through your interiors contributes to design inspiration and love of space.

To get the oohs, ahhs, and be a conversation starter or icebreaker, here are 13 ways to impress your guests with a design inspired by advice from esteemed experts who really know what they're talking about.

Interior designers in gurgaon

#1. Interesting lighting hangs in pendants

Lighting can really make or break an interior design. Having various sources such as floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lights provides an interesting lighting scheme while providing a space with an accent, mood, and work lighting as needed. Hanging lamps are like hanging works of art. Selecting those that stand out on their own or hang subtly to one side puts the visual emphasis upward and can often fill a space. Take a look at Karena Schuessler's star apartment in Berlin for an example of a beautiful interior that takes risks.

#2. Take from global inspirations

There is no doubt that the overall styles imbue a space with aesthetic charm and beauty. Whether you add a beautiful hand-woven table runner from Laos or buy beautiful fair-trade Moroccan ceramics online, having decorative pieces from other parts of the world really brings richness to an interior space. For more inspiration, follow Happy Interiors Blog's Igor, who is used to sharing world finds on his travels.

#3. Preview your design concept

New online tools and websites make it easier than ever to plan your decorating projects, get competitive prices and "try it before you buy". Decorilla, on the online platform, makes decorating online easy, fun, and affordable by allowing you to preview several custom design concepts for your room so you can be sure to find the style you like.

#4. Don’t spend a fortune

Design trends come and go; Make your space fabulous without spending all your savings. Impress your guests with beautiful pieces found in online auctions (Joss & Main, Fab, One Kings Lane are good at this) or by renovating an old room into something that looks new. Design blogger, Lynda Quintero-Davids of Focal Point Styling puts her brand emphasis on budget sophistication. Interior designers in gurgaon during his years of experience, he learned the art and appreciation of economics for a smart and creative home style. His creations captivate spaces without exaggerating the exclamation on the bank account.

#5. Remember the bling

A space can be perfectly styled by considering color, texture, and location, but if there's no shine, something is missing. Interior blogger and stylist Justina Blakeney claims that having a shiny eye catcher like brass, bronze or glass really adds to the designed vignettes. You can find more style tips from Justina in her Skillshare class, The 8 Style Principles.

#6. Don’t be afraid to dress the walls.

Wallpaper design has evolved where patterns and color are central. Seen at Design Milk, this new collection of “geology” wallpapers from Interiors by Element demonstrates that the abstract basic shapes found in nature can create beautiful compositions that turn your walls into works of art.

#7. Go green

Where did I find this cardboard lamp? Oh, do you like that woolen rug? They are also environmentally friendly! There is nothing more impressive than decorating an interior with Mother Earth in mind. Being able to style your space while still being durable is a great design practice.

#8. Make it personal

Truly unique spaces are those that are personalized. Using art, photography, and heirlooms are easy ways to make your home stand out. Rebecca Peragine of Children Inspire Design has created the My Roots Collection, a lovely range of country maps that creatively and thoughtfully decorate children's bedrooms around the world.

#9. Select colors that inspire

Color palettes break the rules. If neutrals have become too tame for you, choose colors that touch you. Chances are your guests will love them too.

#10. Incorporate unique designs

Having a unique or bespoke piece in a furniture plan can draw attention to a space. South African blogger Miss Moss inspires in this area through her furniture exhibition Moving Mountains. An incredible design that is sure to blow your mind.

#11. Showcase art

Art can define the color palette and mood of an interior. If properly placed in a room, it can serve as a focal point where the views of guests are happy to rest. Or it can be a riot of colors and patterns that energizes and excites.

#12. A little plant life goes a long way; home of Nicole Franzen

Plants are nature's accessories that bring a space to life and give it the impression of being inhabited. Place a beautiful rubber tree in a sunny corner, a hanging pot of English ivy on a shelf or a row of succulents by the kitchen window;Interior designers in gurgaon whichever houseplant you choose, it can add a touch of green to spice up any room. Imagine the home of photographer Nicole Franzen without the potted green accents in your beautiful space. They really add a special quality to a space.

#13 Get inspired

Pinterest is an addicting eye-candy store. Following pinners with home decorating tips like Simplified Bee can help you keep your home ideas fresh. To help you find your style and learn more about the latest design trends, also check out these boards.


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